Salaried person, are you aware of these 5 benefits of having a salary account? Know

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Almost all banks have more or less the same benefits of a salary account so you can check out with your respective banks.

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New Delhi: The most common thing that a person gets as soon as he/she joins a company is a salaried bank account. Various companies usually tie up with different banks for providing a salaried account. Therefore it is mostly dependent on the employer as to which bank the company has roped in for the purpose.

Although almost all banks have more or less the same benefits of a salary account, some might give specific advantages. You can check out with your respective banks considering that the advantages may vary from one bank to another. 

These are 5 top and common benefits of having a salary account

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1. Zero balance account: A Zero balance account is a facility that all the banks offer to its salary account holders. This means that you will not have to maintain any minimum balance.

2. Debit Card: Salary Account holders compulsorily get a debit card. Though all account holders are being given a debit card, but a salaried account debit card comes with several benefits.

3. Bank Cheque Book, Passbook e-statements are mostly offered by banks free of cost. Also SMS alerts of salary credit, SMS alerts of all transactions in the salary account through are usually not charged for.

4. ATM withdrawals: You get free ATM cash withdrawals from your bank ATM although these number may vary from bank to bank. Meanwhile for number of withdrawals other than your own Bank's ATM may be charged after 3 transactions. For this you will have to check out with your bank.

5. Loan Facillity: Many banks give preferential treatment to salary account holders when they want to avail loan. This preferential treatment depends on the type of company you are in and also on your CIBIL score. Check with your bank for further clarity on this.

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