Which is better between the Mercedes-Benz C-class 300d and GLC 220d 4Matic? My monthly running is around 5,000 km, of which 70-80% is on the highways and 20-30 % in rural areas.Dhaval Lakhatariya, Rajkot

The GLC being an SUV is better suited to rough roads and rural areas, but overall, the C-class is better as it offers more comfort and is a smoother and nicer car to drive. We take it that in Gujarat the roads are good, so if that is the case, go for the C-class.

I have modified my 2018 Maruti Suzuki Ertiga’s headlights from the original bulbs to 190, but the throw is unsatisfactory. I have tried LEDs but they are not that great. Could you suggest the right kit in HIDs or LEDs?

Rajendran Anthony, Chennai

You could go for an HID projector setup from Morimoto. A 55W HID kit running 5,500K bulbs from Morimoto should improve the lighting on your Ertiga.

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