Philips Series 3000i Air Purifier Review: A Capable Weapon To Have To Fight Indoor Air Pollution

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Air pollution is serious stuff. It is an enemy that you cannot see at most times, unless the smog really descends. And if you feel that the air inside your home is clean and the pollution problem only begins when you step outside your home, you would be very wrong. Indoor air pollution is a pretty big problem. The really poor-quality air streaming in from outdoors, and mixing with the dust, cooking gas, pet dander, household cleaning substances, personal care items and even cooling, humidifying and heating appliances all add to worsening the air quality inside your home. You may just not notice it. That is where indoor air purifiers become more essential than ever. If you, after years of facing this annual scourge particularly during the onset of winters, you are still not a believer—it is time you become one.

The Philips Series 3000i air purifier is part of the company’s new Urban Living Series, and the one that we are reviewing here is specifically the AC3059/65 variant. This is priced at Rs 32,995 and replaces the more conventional looking design that we saw till now. Over the years, the Philips 3000 series and the smarter 3000i series purifiers have delivered what has been top-notch powerful air purification performance, particularly for larger rooms. On that front, the new Philips Series 3000i air purifier AC3059/65 has big boots to fill. It is also a smart air purifier, which means it’ll hook up to your home Wi-Fi and there is the Philips Clean Home+ app that you can download for Android phones and the Apple iPhone and monitor as well as control the Philips Series 3000i air purifier. You can also control this with Amazon Alexa assistant, if you have any of the Amazon Echo smart speakers or smart displays at home.

There is a significant change in the design. In fact, it is more in tune with the requirements and limitations of most modern day homes. Space. Gone is the boxier slab sort of a design and is instead replaced by a cylindrical tower form factor. It takes up much less space sideways. The air intake happens through the curved spines and partly through vents closer to the rear spine, while there is a large clean air delivery vent at the top. I prefer purifiers which have clean air vents at the top instead of on the side, because that outward flow of clean air just spreads better in a larger space. It is also not restricted by possible pieces of furniture on the side, for instance.

The controls are at the top and the right height if you want to quickly glance at the AQI reading or change any of the operation modes. There is also the colour coded notification which tells you the air quality situation in the room. You can set the AQI display to real-time stats for PM2.5, gas or allergens. The sensors in the Philips Series 3000i air purifier AC3059/65 can detect for all three airborne pollutant categories. There is the Auto mode, which you would most likely leave this in. There is the option to manually switch to the Turbo mode and also the Sleep mode, in which case the purifier even further quietens down and dims all the operation lights to not light up the room. There is something we had admired in some Sharp purifiers over time, and Philips has also implemented that—all the lighting elements on the Philips Series 3000i air purifier react to ambient light changes, which means that in case you turn down the lights in the room, these also react and dim immediately.

Philips Series 3000i air purifier

In comparison with the predecessors, the new Philips Series 3000i air purifier AC3059/65 gets a 360-degree filter. That is true for the new Series 2000 as well the Series 800 air purifiers, for instance. The advantage of this implementation is that instead of separate layers for a prefilter, a HEPA filter and an activated charcoal filter, this is a 3-layer filter. That means all these filters are now integrated in one filter. Simpler to monitor, and also easier and less complex to replace. The purifier also tells you the usable life of the filter, so you’ll know well in advance when to buy and keep a new filter ready to seamlessly replace and beat the pollution.

In terms of the performance, the new Philips Series 3000i air purifier is meant for large rooms and has a powerful 400 m³/h clean air delivery rate (CADR). The performance of this purifier is good enough for room sizes as large as 516 sq. ft., which means large halls such as the living and dining room will be well covered. The Philips Series 3000i runs silently for the most part, and you’ll only notice the fan speeds at the highest setting—the auto mode will push it that much only if it detects really poor air in the room.

To understand the performance that the new Philips Series 3000i air purifier is able to deliver, we used a third-party air quality monitor placed in the same room but at some distance. From the stats that emerged, the performance is indeed quite impressive. Testing this in the peak pollution season in Delhi NCR where the outdoor air quality is as bad as 330 μg/m3 and whereabouts on the days we logged the AQI stats, the new Philips Series 3000i air purifier maintained the AQI in the living room at 22 μg/m3 of particulate matter (PM). What a difference. Not only does this put beyond doubt the capabilities of the purifier in terms of dispersing the clean air, but also tells us that the filters are high quality.

The Last Word: The Generations of Family Brilliance Continues

The new Philips Series 3000i air purifier costs a pretty penny, but would you really put a price on the health and well-being of family members? If you have a large enough room that needs to be covered by an air purifier that can work hard enough to keep the air consistently clean, trying to save on a few pennies will not work well. A smaller and less expensive purifier that you get may not be able to keep the air clean. The new Philips Series 3000i air purifier on its part follows through as the latest iteration in long line of very capable Series 3000 purifiers we have seen over the years. It adopts a modern design but doesn’t compromise on the basics—that is fantastic filters and very robust clean air delivery. And that is exactly what you want from an air purifier for your home.

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