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Free Fire new character Lucas: All we know so far

  • Lucas is a new character that is expected to arrive in Free Fire with the next update.
  • In this article, we cover about all we know so far about the Lucas character.

The developers of Freefire add new characters, skins and more with every update. With the OB23 update on the horizon, there have been leaks about the new content that is about to arrive in the game.

There have been leaks about multiple characters, a new pet and more. Lucas is one of the characters expected to arrive along with the update. The character was initially leaked a few months ago.

The players are psyched about the update and are eager to know what awaits them. In this article, we talk about the new character Lucas which is going to arrive soon in Free Fire.

Lucas character in Free Fire: All we know so far

(Picture Courtesy: Techniczoid gamer/YouTube)
(Picture Courtesy: Techniczoid gamer/YouTube)

The character is based on a Brazilian football/soccer player Lucas Silva Borges who currently plays for Gremio and is popular due to his stint at Real Madrid. He isn’t the first character in the game that is based on a real-life person. The characters Alok and Jota are also based on real-life personalities.

Every character in the game has a unique ability that aids the players in getting the Booyah! Lucas has an ability named Hat Trick, and it increases the maximum HP of the players per kill by 5-30 at level 1. The ability will gradually improve as the level of the character increases.

You can watch video below to know more about Lucas:

The character has its own gorgeous character set named Soccer Star Set. Also, Lucas has three slots for skills.Advertisement

The expected price of the character is around 599 diamonds like most of the other characters in Free Fire, and the players will be able to avail him from the in-game store.

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