Civilization 6’s Platinum Edition Is Stupid Cheap Today

If you’re looking for a super addictive game to sink hours and hours into, Civilization VI is a solid choice. Even better: It’s never been cheaper to dive into this acclaimed strategy title, thanks to a limited-time Steam deal at PC store Newegg that’s ending soon, like in a matter of hours. Until around 2 PM PT / 5 PM ET today, you can grab Civilization VI’s Platinum Edition for just $23. We’re talking about a $120 edition that includes the base game, two major expansions, and six DLC packs for a fraction of the price–and it’s currently full price on Steam.

To get this price, be sure to use promo code CVLZTN6PT at checkout. The Platinum Edition is already discounted to $28, a fantastic price on its own, but the promo code slashes another five bucks off. If you already own the base game, the Gathering Storm and Rise and Fall expansions are also on sale separately. After purchasing, you’ll receive your Steam code via email within one hour.

Like previous games in the franchise, Civilization VI is a turn-based 4X strategy game that involves building up your civilization through settling new cities, developing a vibrant culture including art and science, keeping your civilians satisfied, engaging in diplomacy with other world leaders, and, of course, going to war. While the core of the game is the same, Civ VI also brought many changes and improvements to the franchise, including a new civics tree, districts that allow for city specialization, and the ability to combine troops into a larger army or fleet. The game earned a 9/10 in GameSpot’s Civilization VI review, in which critic Scott Butterworth called Civ VI “the deepest, most well-rounded base game the series has ever seen.”

“Civ 6 has a few rough edges, but they’re pushed far into the periphery by spectacular strategic depth and intricate interlocking nuances,” Butterworth wrote. “Any frustrations I experienced were immediately eclipsed by my desire to continue playing. Just one more turn, every turn, forever.”

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